Frequenty Asked Questions

Laboratory  Fridge and Freezer - Frequenty Asked Questions


 1. Do we provide medical & laboratory refrigeration export services?

Yes our sales team have many years of exerience in shipping goods to all parts of the world.  We can price Ex Works with additional protective packaging for air, road or sea transportation methods. 

 2.  Are discounts available for larger volumes or high value orders?

If goods are not shown as special reduced offers, do please ask our advisors for a bespoke quotation as pricing may be negotiatable.

 3.  What product warranties are available for laboratory refrigeration supplied to UK Mainland?

Please check our specification sheets for more details, if you need clarifaction our sales team will happily discuss your queries and send an email with a confirmation offer. 

** Please note: Warranties for exported goods are normally parts only replacement within the first 12 months. It is important all importers check with our export sales team before purchasing. 

 4.  Are you able to deliver specialist medical refrigeration quickly?

YES -  Delivery for  most popular models can be delivered to a UK mainland destination in 4 to 5 working days. Do please ask and we will obtain up to date stock and assembly information.

5.  I have a special laboratory refrigeration requirement and it is not shown on your product list, can you help ?

YES  WE DO CUSTOMISED REFRIGERATON UNITS.  Items shown on is only a small selection of our popular items, if you have any special requirements please call or email for more details.

6.  We need to store goods in a locked unit, is this possible?

YES -  Most refrigeration units have lockable doors, this information is usually shown on our product specification sheet.  If unsure please ask. In some cases additional security features are possible.

7.  Why should we buy goods from Lab-Fridge FPD Group Ltd ?

Our staff have years of experience in procuring the very best medical and laboratory storage equipment, we believe it is extremely important to supply the correct product.

For example: If a buyer explains a product is to be used on an offshore oil rig, our team will specify non corroding materials and query the exact power source requirements. 

8.  Can Lab supply 60Hz products ?

Some of our cooling products can be converted and supplied for use in countries and marine locations using 60Hz power. 

9.  My company needs a method of transporting small samples in a portable bag or lightwight fridge, can you help us?  

YES - If your staff are in remote areas, FPD can build a cold chain solution to ensure your samples stabalise at required temperatures until back in the laboratory. Methods include fitting fridges or freezers into vehicles with 12v or 24v supply connections or portable fridges utilising advanced coooling gels.