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If you can not find your laboratory refrigerator or lab freezer, please contact us.

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Labcold RLVF14201 Sparkfree Laboratory Freezer 375 Litres FPD-04933 Print
Labcold RLCF0720 Sparkfree Laboratory Freezer 215 Litres FPD-04934 Print
Labcold RLCF1520 Sparkfree Laboratory Freezer 447 Litres FPD-04935 Print
Labcold RLCF2120 Sparkfree Laboratory Freezer 607 Litres FPD-04936 Print
Labcold RLVF04202A Sparkfree Laboratory Freezer 120 Litres FPD-07539 Print
Labcold RLVF04202A/LK Sparkfree Laboratory Freezer 120 Litres FPD-07540 Print
Labcold RLVF07203 - 180 Litre Sparkfree Laboratory Freezer with Solid Door FPD-07708 Print
Labcold RLVF07203LK - 180 Litre Sparkfree Laboratory Freezer with Solid Door FPD-07709 Print
Labcold RLVF0214 Sparkfree Laboratory Freezer 40 Litres FPD-11882 Print
Labcold RLVF0414 Sparkfree Laboratory Freezer 135 Litres FPD-11884 Print
Labcold RLVF1514 Sparkfree Laboratory Freezer 400 Litres FPD-11943 Print
Labcold RLFF13246 Laboratory Fridge/Freezer 230/160 Litres FPD-04937 Print
Labcold RLFF13246/LK Laboratory Fridge/Freezer 230/160 Litres FPD-04938 Print
Labcold RLSP1510 Sparkfree Laboratory Fridge 430 Litres FPD-09916 Print
Labcold RLPR0514 Sparkfree Laboratory Fridge 150 Litres FPD-11885 Print
Labcold RLPR0214 Sparkfree Laboratory Fridge 49 Litres FPD-11886 Print
Labcold RLPR1514 Sparkfree Laboratory Fridge 400 Litres FPD-11942 Print
Labcold RLPL04043 Basic Refrigerator 105 Litres FPD-09920 Print
Labcold RLFR1804 Basic Refrigerator 505 Litres FPD-09921 Print
Labcold RLVF03203 Basic Freezer 70 Litres FPD-09922 Print
Labcold RLVF1825 Basic Freezer 505 Litres Lockable FPD-09923 Print
Labcold ULTF301 Compact Ultra Low Temperature Freezer 300 Litre FPD-04991 Print
Labcold ULTF416 Compact Ultra Low Temperature Freezer 416 Litre FPD-04992 Print
Labcold ULTF130 Ultra Low Temperature Freezer FPD-11968 Print
Labcold LULT0480 Ultra Low Temperature Freezer FPD-11969 Print
Labcold RLHE0845 Superfreezer 237 Litres FPD-04972 Print
Labcold RLHE1145 Superfreezer 314 Litres FPD-04973 Print
Labcold RLHE1345 Superfreezer 375 Litres FPD-04974 Print
Labcold RAVF1840 Advanced Laboratory Freezer FPD-11967 Print
Labcold RPDF0012E Portable Medical Fridge FPD-04387 Print
Shoreline SMP41 - 41 Litres Portable Medical Fridge FPD-04389 Print
Shoreline SMP65 - 65 Litres Portable Medical Fridge FPD-06632 Print